Art & Craft
Art room where creativity flows in different activities. Art room explores student minds and imagination to create some images which actually does not exists. Art is very broad in sense of its divisions. While designing art room we always concentrate on development of every aspects such as....
  • Art.
  • Painting.
  • Poster making.
  • Clay modeling.
  • Wood art.
  • Calligraphy.
  • Pottery.
  • Paper craft etc.
Our conceptual design includes materials required to function above art. Interiors and tables showcases beauty of art requirements and needs.
Materials used for set up are recyclable and will not harm when students are doing practical’s.
  • Art working tables.
  • Pottery making wheel.
  • Students reading areas.
  • Area for clay preparation and clay model samples.
  • Paper craft tables with soft surfaces.
  • Stools for lab.
  • Display areas as per departmental needs.
  • Painting stands as per height of students.
  • Storage for models.
  • Wood carving areas along with equipments.
  • Separate storage area for each branch materials.
  • Electrical beautification as per design needs.