Study of living organisms
  • A study of life, nature and living organisms. Biology lab generates new concepts related to nature and a well set biology lab gives birth to new scientists and explorers of nature. Naturalistic theme of biology always generates interest in student to study more about nature.
  • Living nature themes are a base of biology lab infrastructure. We generally use recyclable material to set laboratory and colours and finishes closer to nature.
  • Our design and materials reflect the quality as required by international standards. All materials used for the innovative lab is as per ISI standards.
  • Our design suits BIS norms and norms set by affiliation boards.

Students capacity per lab will be designed as per norms. Biology lab includes….

  • Practical tables with granite top.
  • Storages with glass doors for clear visibility.
  • Display boards.
  • Teacher's area.
  • Storage as per equipment sizes.
  • Projection and writing boards.
  • Demo counters.
  • Models and apparatus display areas.
Lab specialization
  • Models display area on tables on per student basis.
  • Drainage connection as per requirement.
  • Microscope space near window.
  • Tripper system to avoid sparks and hazards.
  • Water connection as per norms.
  • Overhead hanging light placement focussed on practical tables.
  • Lab safety information system.
  • Colours and finishes as per natural themes.