The world of chemicals
  • Chemistry lab where new scientists and inventors are born. A heart of all labs in an educational institution should be well designed, well equipped and most important it should be safe while practicals are going on.
  • We set up this lab with all kind of top ISI GRADE materials, considering the safety of students and easy methods of practicals. Height and width of tables are as per BIS norms.
  • Our designs suits all kind of requirements required for affiliation by all boards and government agencies.
This lab includes
  • Granite top for practical tables
  • Storage for glass wares as per sizes
  • Acid proof apparatus stands
  • Demo counters
  • Display areas
  • Separate teacher areas
  • Preparation rooms
  • Separate chemical areas.
Lab specialization
Along with infrastructure we also set chemistry lab with....
  • Water connection with the use of PVC pipes and brass and steel nozzle taps.
  • Acid resistant drainage pipelines to prevent water leakages.
  • Brass burners and switches.
  • Exhaust fans as per norms.
  • Ceramic basins with steel fittings.
  • Leakproof GAS pipelines with brass fittings.
  • Electrical connection of entire lab as per practical table placements.
  • Lab safety information system.
  • Along with the above, we will submit GAS line testing certificate after completion of work.