Computer Lab
Study of programmed device
  • Computers are devices programmed for arithmetic and logical operations. This lab undergoes design changes and day by day it is reducing in it's space need. A compact design with ergonomic looks is the need of the hour.
  • Our design and materials reflects the quality which is mentioned in International standards. All materials used for making of innovative lab is as per ISI standards. Our designs suit BIS norms and norms set by affiliation boards.
  • At RAJ we develop new designs which suit institutions dire need for space saving and maximum utilization by students. The entire lab reflects the ideas related to the IT world.
Student’s capacity per lab will be designed as per norms. Computer lab includes….
  • Practical tables with more leg space.
  • Projection and writing boards.
  • Server counters.
  • Back up area.
  • Storages with glass doors for clear visibility.
  • Display boards.
  • Teachers area.
  • Space for key boards and wire managers.
Lab Specialization
  • Dual point system for each computer.
  • Group distribution of P.C load on trippers.
  • Chairs for each students.
  • Teachers resource area.
  • International space norms between tables and students.
  • Provision of net.
  • Separate provision for server, battery backup.
  • 1:1 student – P.C ratio.
  • ISI standards wires and switches.
  • Conceptual ceiling designing with light effects.
Computer Lab
Computer Lab
Computer Lab