Study of matter
  • Physics is a study of matter. A lab where new inventions take place and where a student understands natural powers and harnessess them to utilize it for developing new products. At RAJ, we always concentrate on developing a multi utility physics lab where students will enjoy conducting practicals to learn and explore more.
  • Student's capacity per lab will be designed as per norms. Our physics lab infrastructure includes ……
  • Our designs suit all kinds of requirements for affiliation by all boards and government agencies.
  • Storage as per equipment sizes.
  • Projection and writing boards.
  • Our design and materials reflect the quality which conforms to International standards. All materials used in the innovative lab are as per ISI standards. Our designs suit BIS norms and norms set by affiliation boards.
  • Practical tables with granite top.
  • Storage with glass doors for clear visibility.
  • Display boards.
  • Teacher's area.
  • Demo counters.
Lab specialization
  • Electrical connections on per student basis.
  • Drainage connections as required.
  • Overhead light placement to avoid shadows.
  • Lab safety information systems.
  • Stools for students.
  • Scientific charts.
  • Colours and finishes are as per requirements.
  • Water connection as per norms.
  • Gas connection for practicals [as per need].
  • Properly ventilated windows.
  • Lab safety information system.
  • Tripper system to avoid sparks and hazards.
  • Physics inventions information charts.