Refurbished & New Building Project
About Refurbishment
  • 'Refurbishment' means the renovation and redecoration of something
  • It also means, to dramatically improve the quality of a building without changing it's core characteristics or usage
  • It is most important herein to maintain a flow of work as people from diverse backgrounds are involved in the school's transformation process
  • While developing concepts, we aim to deliver high standards while maintaining a fresh approach by adapting ideas to deliver laudable results
  • Through the entire refurbishment process, environmental sustainability remains our prime focus
Our Thoughts
  • We envision the institution holistically and do not lay emphasis on the problem alone
  • The entire team culminates to deliver professional solutions at each level
  • We identify and effect minute low cost changes that have far reaching positive effects on the operations of the institution
  • Our focus revolves around low cost solutions with optimum values
  • Our thought processes are future-centric, not limited to the present
  • Our work flow process is lined in the 'right order', commencing with rendering the structure watertight and weather proof prior to initiating delicate works as joinery, lighting and finishing
  • Geotechnical: before commencing a project at the top level, we thoroughly determine the strength of the building's core
  • Structure: the site undergoes a complete structural survey prior to excavation works
  • Services above the ground: comprising electrical wiring, ventilation, plumbing, heating, gas work etc. We assess the building structure and determine the most efficient ways to render services while minimizing disruption and maximizing energy savings.
  • Services below the ground: all pre-existing connections below ground level are identified in clear terms prior to commencing the re-development process, so as to prevent hazards at a later stage
  • Sound and acoustics: special attention is provided to these aspects such that curricular activities in class rooms or in laboratories remain unaffected.
  • Fire safety: our experts identify all fire safety provision requirements, while planning in detail to extend the services to every nook and corner of the premise.
  • Furniture and allied services: this section plays a crucial part; we assess the spaces available and plan to maximize usage of every precious inch.
People involved with us in a refurbishment
Various people are involved in refurbishment projects such as:
  • Architect
  • Interior designer
  • Environmental engineer [electrical and mechanical services]
  • Landscape architect
  • Structural engineer
  • Acoustics consultant
  • Special advisors- to cover small aspects
  • Cost consultant and quantity supervisor
  • Design advisor
  • Civil work coordinator
  • Services contractors…..etc
Structural refurbishment
  • A crucial aspect of physical infrastructure improvement under refurbishment is to address necessary changes in parts of the building such as floors, roofs, staircases, windows, outdoor plastering, controlling leakages etc. At the same time, related services which also need to be covered are water lines, drainage, electrical wiring, cracks etc.
Classroom environment
  • Classrooms will be renovated or constructed anew to allow adequate natural light and ventilation. Windows will be engineered to diminish noise levels to the lowest. Second doors to be fitted to all rooms as per Fire Safety norms. A new look will be provided to floorings, walls, ceilings, teaching platforms, traditional black boards will be replaced with green boards and even electrical fittings will be considered for change.
  • Facilities for special children, staff toilets as per gender are also being considered.
Drinking Water
  • Hygienic standalone watering points are being stationed, each equipped with storage and water cooling facilities.
Entry and outdoor campus area
  • The outdoor area will be rendered aesthetic with landscape development, ground levelling, provision of underground drainage and watering points for garden development
Additional capacity
  • Refurbishment planning primarily revolves around increasing utility capacity of every aspect of the school.
Safety standards
  • It is imperative to adhere to all fire safety provisions on campus. These will include the installation of fire extinguishers, norm charts, sand buckets, safety doors for classrooms, auxiliary stairway, evacuation and safety signage, fire hose reel systems with MS pipe and pumping system, underground water supply, replacement of electrical wiring etc.
Staff and administration facilities
  • Prominently visible parts of the schools will be adorned with elegant patterns, concepts and designs bearing bright colours. Adequate ventilation system, storage, working counters, provision of nets, lighting systems etc. would assume top priority.
  • The careers of students rely heavily on the elements provided in these rooms. 'A' Grade designing shall be carried out in accordance to Government norms. Attention is devoted to minute details while designing platforms and laying service connections and overhead systems.
Skill knowledge rooms
  • These rooms are specially designed to improve in-depth knowledge of students vide a well-crafted Arts and Crafts room, Music and Dance room, Mathematics Lab, Social Studies and Social Sciences room, Language lab, Carpentry room, Sports room, Health and Nutrition lab etc.
Signature look
  • The system allows standardization and ensures quality control
  • Entire building and corridor areas will be designed with learning concept displays
  • Colour scheme for the entire building will be identical
  • Each and every area will showcase its importance and identity
  • Artistic paintings and murals etc. will be used